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5 Fashion Tips for Men

Blognya1e Fashion or style in appearance is a necessity for everyone. And now, not only women who need to pay attention to appearance. In fact, men also need to pay attention to appearances.

Do not judge the book by its cover. This old term is true. A man thinks they just need to look simple and 'this is me'. Most important is the good guy personality.

It is true, but probably not at this time. Of all people, especially women. Because, women want and are more interested in further relationships with men who look attractive, which can create a memorable first impression.

Here are some fashion tips for men :

  1. Simple. You'll want to look attractive and cool. But, you must still remember, not too excessive. Still look simple and pleasing to the eye.
  2. Casual. Casual does not always mean boring. Add some accessories that support. Hours will be obliged to you, such as Vestal Watch
  3. Matching Pieces. Any clothes you wear, it will be zero if no match. Thus, the harmony is very important in your fashion.
  4. Forget about trend. Following the trend will make you look updates in a matter of fashion. Women will love this. However, it would be meaningless if it is not suitable for you, or if you yourself are not comfortable with this.
  5. Use accessories. There are several accessories that can be worn by men. Of course this will add value in your fashion. Try to use the accessories to taste that necessarily suitable for you, such as glasses or hours. Trying to always use a simple clock and cool, like the Vestal Watch.

So, make sure you keep your appearance, taste and can create the impression and attractive. This is all really easy, but it's very important to you.


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