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10 men body that tempt women

Blognya1e Surely when there is a sympathetic man who passed through you and your friends, no one has made all of you interested. Well, any part of the body of a man who usually makes a woman unable to turn the eye? Here are the results of a survey of 10 body parts men who seduce women

10. Shoulder
In the survey, respondents stated that the shoulder is ranked 10 of the body of a man who resented. Women love a man's broad shoulders as a sign of strength and masculinity.

9. Chest
All the men generally prefer a sexy pair of breasts, so women have the same taste when she saw the man's chest. Most women said they were curious as to what the chest behind a men's clothing. sweaters or t-shirts are inherent in man's body, revealing curious what's in there.

8. Arm muscle
A little arm muscle contains not only illustrates the strength, also reflect a good perawatann. As well as the chest, women like to see the biceps muscles while wearing a sweater or t-shirt.

7. Tongue
One of the men who admired her talents is his ability to use his tongue. Many women stated that the tongue is the strongest muscle in the body although this is still debated. The tongue can digunankan to kiss, but used when put through oral sex, lidahlah the most widely played.

6. Hand
In another survey of women mentioned the hands of a man said a lot of things tenrtang himself. This refers to other things like what he can do for a living and what he radiated about himself in the world, senua from the hand. The point is women like to lick his fingers thus still have a hand that is always clean and healthy is very important for men.

5. Hips
Women who have smaller hips look better. Women were also happy guy who hipped narrow. It is women like especially to make clothespin during intercourse.

4. Lip
Women enjoyed full lips form not only for aesthetic appeal but for something more intimate to do together. But women have different pleasures, some prefer a thick bottom lip.

3. Stomach
Not surprisingly, the majority of women favor a flat stomach men. Some women do not mengingkinkan a muscular stomach, but a flat stomach is better.

2. Mr. P
Mainstay of this man's body parts in the order of two. Survey reveals women do not specialize in the problem size Mr. P, like the saying "size does not matter" is still valid. But more importantly a lot of women mention the area around Mr. P is very important, of which Mr skin color. P is proportional, not too muscular, not too short, not too big, thick, and also to the attention of women is the smell of Mr. P. For that man is highly recommended to always maintain a healthy so it does not produce a stinging scent for women smell.

1. Buttocks
Buttocks ranked first part of the body men who preferred women. It shows women are not much different from men. Some women said they liked the buttock-shaped "half moon," while others prefer the ass "a little turn."



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